Power BI

By combining enablingit and Microsoft Power BI, organizations can streamline and accelerate the process of preparing and analyzing data. This provides a faster way to to deliver an end-to-end experience for data access, preparation, analysis, visualization and consumption — delivering deeper business insight faster with a more complete set of data.

Key Features

  • Reduce the time to integrate multiple sources of data in any format for Power BI visualizations. A single, easy to use workflow for end-to-end process of rapidly creating comprehensive datasets for analysis in Power BI with data from any source.
  • Simplify cleansing, transformation, and enrichment of data for visualization and analysis. enablingit allows analysts to access, cleanse, prepare, transform and blend data, from any source. This includes cloud sources, databases, 3rd party data and desktop files.
  • Incorporate advanced analytics to drive deeper insights into Power BI